Bulk Fabric VS FOB

what is difference between Bulk fabric and F.O.B?

when Labdip/strike off/Bitloom is approved by the buyer, then we send this approved swatch to the mill for the bulk fabric dyeing/printing/yarn dyeing-weaving.

As we know that complete fabric can not be dyed in one lot, because the fabric quantities are always huge. so fabrics are dyed and printed in many lots and there are always some shade variation from lot to lot, which can not be avoided by the mill. once the bulk fabrics(complete order quantity fabric) are get in-house then factory’s fabric department submits fabric lots and shade variation to the merchandisers for the lot approval from buyer/buying house.

Because, at the time of final inspection of the shipment, Buying house QA will ask for the fabric lot approval from the buyer or buying office. without approved fabric/lot cards, QA will not the inspect the shipment or hold the shipment and may ask for the lot approval card.

Generally major shades variation come in the solid fabric or printed fabrics more than yarn dyed fabrics, Because In the yarn dyed fabrics, first off-all yarns are dyed then it will go for the weaving. we can not say that there is no shade variation comes in the yarn-dyed fabric, but percentage is very less in the yarn dyed fabrics.

Fabric In-house time of yarn dyed fabrics are generally longer than solid or printed fabrics. Solid fabrics go directly for the dyeing process, like RFD and dyeing. Printed fabrics take bit longer time then solid fabric for the printing process. Because it will first off-all go the RFD then printing process will start. There may so many colours in the printed fabric, so mill has to match all the colours together then proceed for the printing, which takes time.

When we receive first meterage from the bulk fabric from the mill, that is called FOB(First of bulk), we have to send this FOB fabric to the buyer/buying house for the approval. Buyer will match this FOB with approved Labdip and gives us approval to dispatch the bulk fabric to the factory, till then complete fabrics are not finished or packed in the mill. Once FOB is approved then mills finish and dispatch the complete bulk fabric to the factory.

once bulk fabrics are in-house then fabric store will send cutting from each lot to the merchandiser, then factory merchandiser sends all lots to the buyer/buying house for the approval.

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