what is merchandising?

Merchandising is a complex and vital way to deal with introducing items to buyers in a manner that boosts deals and upgrades the general shopping experience. It includes the preparation, advancement, and show of items to drive client interest, help deals, and upgrade overall revenues. Marketing envelops a great many exercises, from item choice and … Read more

What is Adley Merchandise?

Adley Merchandise remains as a reference point of development and imagination in the domain of retail, winding around a story of value, uniqueness, and consumer loyalty. Brought into the world from the vision of its originators to rethink the shopping experience, Adley Product has arisen as a trailblazer, flawlessly mixing style, usefulness, and manageability in … Read more

Time and Action calendar

What is Time and Action calendar and what is the use of the Time and action calendar in the garment industry? The basic concept of the time and action calendar is planning and execution of the work. when any order is confirmed by the buyer then buyer asks for the time and action calendar of … Read more

Types of Fabrics used in the garment Industry

Generally two category of fabrics are used in the garment industry. Woven fabric Knitted fabric Fabrics are made either with weaving process or by knitting process. Fabric which is made through weaving process that called woven fabric and the fabric, which is made through knitting process that is called knitted fabric. For the weaving process, … Read more

Woven Fabric order process for the garment.

Fabric order is the very important role of merchandiser in the factory. The texture request process in a woven piece of clothing industrial facility is a basic and mind boggling part of the general creation cycle, assuming a vital part in guaranteeing the opportune and productive conveyance of excellent pieces of clothing. This cycle includes … Read more

Types of sample

What is sample- Sample is model or specimen of any product, that represents the look, design and quality of the shipment in advance. All the buyers come to every thing about the product in the advance that which type of shipment they are purchasing. There are so many types of samples used for different purpose, … Read more

Role of the Merchandiser

As we know that merchandiser plays very important role in the garment industry. whether it is export house(factory) or any buying house. we can not imagine garment industry can run without the merchandiser. He is just like a pillar of the company/factory. He knows his product better then any other person in the company. so … Read more

Carrier in Merchandising

What is the future of making carrier in merchandising in Garment/retail industry? Is there any growth in this Industry? My below blog and above my video will help to understand this better. A profession in clothing marketing inside a piece of clothing plant offers a dynamic and remunerating way for people enthusiastically for design, business … Read more

Bulk Fabric VS FOB

what is difference between Bulk fabric and F.O.B? when Labdip/strike off/Bitloom is approved by the buyer, then we send this approved swatch to the mill for the bulk fabric dyeing/printing/yarn dyeing-weaving. As we know that complete fabric can not be dyed in one lot, because the fabric quantities are always huge. so fabrics are dyed … Read more

Importance of consumption calculation

Texture utilization estimation is a basic part of the material and clothing industry, assuming a urgent part in guaranteeing proficient asset use and cost-viability in the creation cycle. This multifaceted cycle includes deciding the amount of texture required for a particular piece of clothing or item, considering different variables that add to the general texture … Read more