Job profile of Asst Merchandiser in the Export house

As we know that Asst Merchandisers are hired to support his senior, he has to work under him. Senior merchandiser make the planning for each style, based on delivery date and construction of the garment. There is are always 50-60 running styles, which is handled by the Senior Merchandiser. so he/she can not process all styles together in same stages. means if there are 50 running styles, then Senior merchandiser can not put all 50 styles in the cutting/stitching/embroidery etc together, then all styles will stuck in one department. That’s why he makes the different planning for the styles, based on its construction. some styles may be just cut and sew, some may have embroidery and some may have heavy embellishment work on the garment. so he plans plain styles to send directly for the cutting & sewing and others are sent for the embroidery/embellishment work. so assistant merchandiser has to follow the instruction/planning of his senior merchandiser.

Here are job some basic job profile of the Asst Merchandiser, job profile is not fixed, it will very based on urgency of the work.

Job Profile:-

Sampling work- He/she should know that how many style are in the Production and how many are in the sampling stage.

Sample status- always keep ready status of the all sampling and production styles, because your senior may ask you any time for any style.

Teckpack- Always study the Techpack deeply and very carefully, sent by the buyer. because generally all the sample making instructions are given in the Teckpack.

Sample Follow up- Need to follow up the sample in all the Internal relevant department.

Send sample- Asst merchandiser need to send to the sample to the buying house/Buyer/Testing lab by the fielder/courier.

Learn techpack– Asst merchandiser needs to learn and understand the teckpack and pass the information to the pattern master and sampling department.

Production file– Asst merchandiser needs to make the production file to handover the style in the production.

Approved sample– Asst Merchandiser needs to handover approved sample to the production department to start the production.

Test report follow-up— Needs to follow-up the Test report with testing Lab.

Trims ordering– To help in the Trims ordering to his senior merchandiser, provided them correct trims to order.

There is more roles, which you can see in the day to day activity in the factory.