Time and Action calendar

What is Time and Action calendar and what is the use of the Time and action calendar in the garment industry?

The basic concept of the time and action calendar is planning and execution of the work. when any order is confirmed by the buyer then buyer asks for the time and action calendar of that order, bcz buyer wants to know that factory’s planning for that shipment.

As we know that generally orders are confirmed for 90 days, 75days, 60days or 45days. Means buyer gives 75days/60days time to the factory to ship the goods within 90/75/60/45days from the date of the order confirmation. Delivery dates are confirmed based on fabric Inhouse date and garment construction. This date is calculated from order confirmation date to shipment movement date from the factory.

If any order is confirmed for 75 days lead time, then buyer wants to know, the planning of the factory for this shipment, means how many day factory will take to get inhouse the bulk fabric & trims and how many days are given to the production department to make the shipment. How many days factory will take for sample approval, fabric & trims approval submission. If the shipment lead time is 75days then factory generally takes 40 days time for all approvals and bulk fabric/trims are Inhouse and gives 30-35days time to production department to make/ship the shipment.