Types of sample

What is sample- Sample is model or specimen of any product, that represents the look, design and quality of the shipment in advance.

All the buyers come to every thing about the product in the advance that which type of shipment they are purchasing. There are so many types of samples used for different purpose, one sample is used for the look of product, where as other sample is used for fitting of the product.

Type of samples

Proto sample– Proto sample is the first sample of shipment, which is sent to the buyer to see the look, colour, design, fabric and shape of the garment. In the proto sample buyer some times makes some changes in the Proto sample and ask for 2nd proto or fit sample to submit. Many times buyer sends techpack to the factory to develop the sample. Based on given information in the techpack, sample is developed and send it to the buyer for review. Thats why this sample is also called development sample.

Fit sample — Fit sample is made for fitting approval of sample. Buyer provides specs sheet to the factory and asks for fit sample in specific size(size-S, M for adult size shipment, Size-12 month, 2yrs or 6yrs for kids wear or any other size, as required by the buyer).

Size set sample– Once fit sample is approved by the buyer then buyer asks for samples in different jumping/alternate sizes, to check the fitting of the garment.

P. P. Sample– Once fitting/size set samples are approved then Buyer asks for P.P.Sample. P.P.Sample means pre production sample. This sample is the representative of the production. This sample is made in the correct bulk fabric, trims and fitting for final approval from buyer. After PP Sample approval, factory can start the bulk production.

Inline sample— Before bulk production starts cutting, factory makes 1-2 pcs in each size(Bulk fabric/Trims)and show these samples to the buying house QA to take the approval. After approval on these samples, factory starts the bulk fabric cutting and stitching.

Production sample/shipment sample— At the time of final inspection of the complete packed shipment, Buyer’s QA takes 1-2 pcs from the shipment to send to the buyer as production reference sample. This sample is called shipment sample.

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